Junk Cleaner For Android Phone – Android Optimizer

What is Junk for android?

Your hard disk is the capacity gadget that holds the whole Android working framework and the greater part of your vital records and information.Through ordinary utilization of your smartphone, your hard disk will wind up noticeably jumbled with hundreds or even a great many Junk Files. These junk files covers all the space on your smartphone which leads to slower android. 
These junk files effects the android performance, and makes it laggy.

How to Clean Junk Files From Your Smartphone?

There are several android applications on google play store which helps your android device to clean the junk files, and helps in boosting your android device.
After testing several applications, one application was found with the name Falcon Mobi Cleaner a best android junk cleaner 2018 with many more fetatures like Phone booster, Battery saver, Duplicate Photo Cleaner, Game Booster, Cpu Cooler and many more.

Falcon Mobi Cleaner – App Features

Removing Junk Files

A light and powerful tool Junk Cleaner is designed for removing junk, reclaiming space and optimizing the performance on your Android phone. With this app user can speed RAM, remove and clean junk files and app cache, made your device running smoothly just like a new one.Remove unnecessary apps’ caches which slow down your device.
Clean up the storage by deleting junk files to free your memory space.

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Phone Booster

This speeds up your phone and frees up RAM, which means that your apps won’t freeze and crash anymore.Phone Booster uses less than 3MB of space, but can save more than 2GB.Falcon mobi Cleaner, is your best choice to make your phone powerful!

Download Falcon Mobi Cleaner – Junk Cleaner & Phone Booster

Battery Saver 

 A Battery Saver is a tool which allows you to save battery power of your device and tells you how much battery life is left in your phone. You can improve the duration of your battery through the different features provided by the battery saver. Some battery saver apps even give you a notification whenever you have high battery consuming apps running in the background.
Normally, your phone has many applications running in the background which you don’t really use. These running apps consume lots of power. A battery saving app improves the battery life of your phone by terminating the unnecessary applications and processes running in the background.

Game Booster

The game booster feature of Falcon Mobi Cleaner makes a huge difference if your games are not working the way they should. It works well with almost any game you have on your phone. It is specifically designed to release RAM on your phone so that your processor could be used for the apps that you want to operate. This feature not only boosts your games but it could speed up any app on your phone. For this, you only need to open the app using the game booster. A Game booster unleashes the real performance of your Android device. If you want to see what your device can really do, you should definitely use it.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Clean up your phone and free up valuable storage with falcon mobi Cleaner, the fastest growing photo cleaner that instantly identifies the bad & similar photos in your Android gallery.
Users have on average 2GB worth of bad & similar photos that are taking up valuable storage on their phone and in their Android gallery. That means you need a simple yet effective photo cleaner app to do all the hard work for you and identify immediately the photos you need to clean up.


Cpu Cooler

Professional temperature monitoring and controlling app that detects and closes heavy resource consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower phone temperature. Falcon Mobi Cleaner is designed to monitor the CPU usage of your phone, and detect apps with high CPU usage so you can close them.



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